AghaRTA Band (CZ)

AghaRTA Band is a band consisting of the most sought after Jazz musicians on the Prague-Jazz scene. They have known each other for many years and appear together in other bands, too. The Band performs exclusively in AghaRTA Jazz Centre in Prague, and also at festivals in Prague or other cities in the Czech Republic. The Band’s Repertoire reflects the musical taste of all those involved, including their original compositions and cover versions of music by other famous composers like Lalo Schifrin, Pat Metheny, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, and the Beatles.

Adam Tvrdý – guitar, Ondřej Kabrna – piano, Vit Svec – double bass, Michal Hejna – drums

4/3/2020 Krakow, Piec Art Acoustic Jazz Club

5/3/2020 Budapest, Budapest Jazz Club

6/3/2020 Samorin, Mozi Club

7/3/2020 Prague, Agharta Jazz Club

Krisztián Oláh Quartet (HU)

Young prize-winner pianist Krisztián Oláh’ jazz formation, that has been extended to a quartet, condenses his overseas experiences into their music. Besides their extraordinarily exciting and complex own compositions they also play jazz standards at their concerts. The band’s young members have attained the acknowledgement of each generation, including their masters’, as well.

Krisztián Oláh – piano, Kálmán Oláh Jr. – saxophone, György Orbán – double bass, Dániel Serei – drums

4/3/2020 Samorin, Mozi Club

5/3/2020 Prague, Agharta Jazz Club

6/3/2020 Krakow Piec Art Acoustic Jazz Club

7/3/2020 Budapest, Budapest Jazz Club

Kamila Drabek Tercet (PL)

The Tercet is a group of friends who met during they studies in the Music Academy in Krakow. Nowadays they are running one of the most interesting and appreciated young band on the Polish jazz scene. The band plays compositions by Kamila; they are full of singsong, folk melodies which are performed with rock energy and youthful grace. It is jazz played “in Polish” – with a large dose of Slavic lyricism but also with a sense of humour. Honesty and full professionalism gave them critical recognition and audience sympathy. The band released their first album in 2019.


Kamila Drabek – double bass, Marcin Konieczkowicz – alto saxophone, Kacper Kaźmierski – drums

4/3/2020 Krakow, Piec Art Acoustic Jazz Club

5/3/2020 Budapest, Budapest Jazz Club

6/3/2020 Samorin, Mozi Club

7/3/2020 Prague, Agharta Jazz Club


Nothing But Swing (SK)

NBS Trio is one of the most eminent jazz formations on the Slovak jazz scene, formed in 1998 and existing in its original set-up ever since. Despite their name, the musical spectrum of the band spans far beyond the boundaries of the 40’s and 50’s. The considerable musical potential of the trio’s members enables them to draw upon the influences ranging from classical music, ethnic folk to modern jazz. These influences are reflected in their own original compositions as well as in the interpretation of jazz standards.

NBS Trio has produced three studio albums The Trio regularly collaborates with top artists, as Scott Hamilton (USA), Janusz Muniak (PL), Gabor Winand (HU), Juraj Bartoš (SK) and had performed and giving workshops in many Europe countries as well USA.


Klaudius Kováč – piano, Róbert Ragan – double bass, Peter Solárik – drums

4/3/2020 Prague, Agharta Jazz Club

5/3/2020 Krakow, Piec Art Acoustic Jazz Club

6/3/2020 Budapest, Budapest Jazz Club

7/3/2020 Samorin, Mozi Club