The Visegrad Group was formed in 1991 at a meeting of the President of the Czechoslovak Republic,  the President of the Republic of Poland, and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Hungary. This high-level meeting in Visegrad, Hungary, created an imaginary historical arch linking the idea of this meeting to the idea of a similar meeting, which took place there in 1335 and was attended by the King of Bohemia, King of Hungary, and King of Poland. The central motif of the two meetings was the desire to intensify mutual cooperation and friendship among the three Central European states.

The Hungarian, Polish, Czech ad Slovakian jazz clubs and bands have closer contacts with overseas or Western European professional organizations and performers than each other. In 2020 one band of each country will give a concert on subsequent days, starting on March 4th, in Budapest, Prague, Krakow and Samorin in order to present the current tone and musical mentality of today’s V4 jazz bands within the frames of a Fest of exciting performances.